Liberty Chimes: Some Light Treason

by Frances Whipple in 1845

Whipple’s Liberty Chimers were a radical bunch, for sure—and she used that flame to ignite a deep and lasting opposition to the Slave Power.


Liberty Chimes: Free Speech, the Tyrant-Slayer

by Frances Whipple in 1845

As a peace offering for the two sides of Rhode Island’s bitter antislavery divide, Frances Whipple offers this ringing call for abolitionist union.


The Problem Is What They Know

by Charles Fain Lehman on Jul 5, 2018

From Equifax to Ashley Madison, the inevitability of big data leaks drives the democratization of disciplinary power. 


Lions in New Hampshire

by Nathaniel Peabody Rogers June 4-Sept. 10, 1841

In a community-building activist junket, Rogers and William Lloyd Garrison hunt for honest souls in the forests and hills of New Hampshire.