Liberty at the Movies

by David Boaz on Jun 20, 2005

David Boaz highlights movies with strong themes of liberty.


The Influence of America on the Mind, Part III

by Charles Jared Ingersoll on Oct 18, 1823

Ingersoll concludes by examining religious liberty in America. He goes so far as to single out Catholics for their enormous contributions to American life.


You Are a Man And So Am I

by Frederick Douglass on Sep 3, 1848

Frederick Douglass argues that slavery “destroys the central principle of human responsibility” and violates the Constitution in three short essays.


The Virtues of Compromise

by Charles Jared Ingersoll on Mar 24, 1862

“Copperhead” Democrat Charles Jared Ingersoll argues that both warring sections should embrace a large measure of compromise and conciliation.

Everything Wrong with the Presidents

Everything Wrong with the Van Buren Administration

by Joshua Steedman on Aug 14, 2019

Although Van Buren himself was an effective politician, his years as president prompted scholars to rank Van Buren’s presidency as average, grouped among some of the least-effective and forgettable presidents in U.S. history