The Twelve-Year Sentence: Introduction

by David Boaz, William Rickenbacker, and Benjamin Rogge in 1974

“Trying to improve the government school system in the 1990s is like a great national effort to improve horses in the 1890s.”


The Lightning Rod Man

by Herman Melville in 1856

Melville’s short story echoes his generation of artists’ widespread fears for America’s future. Without sufficient individual virtue, could polite society survive?

Building Tomorrow

Getting Married and Divorced on the Blockchain

by Spencer Neale on Oct 9, 2018

“Life is not eternal and death can separate us, but the Blockchain is forever.” - David Mondrus and Joyce Bayo on their blockchain wedding


Why Has Liberty Flourished in the West?

by Jim Powell on Sep 1, 2000

Powell examines the expansion of liberty in western culture and covers the history of free thinkers from Cicero to Ayn Rand.


Jackson Kills the Bank, Part Two

by Andrew Jackson on Jul 10, 1832

In our final portion from Jackson’s veto message, the president denies the Court’s authority to constrain his will and affirms states’ rights to monopoly banking.


Give Me Liberty

by Rose Wilder Lane in 1936

Lane compares socialism to individualism and shows out the latter is the only path to upholding freedom.


Jackson Kills the Bank, Part One

by Andrew Jackson on Jul 10, 1832

Jackson’s message looms large in the libertarian memory of early American history, but how often do we stop to interrogate his motivations?