Slavery, Sin, and Satan

by Levi Hart on Sep 20, 1774

Having defined and described liberty, Hart exposes the sin of slavery, and the slaveholder’s own bondage to Satan.


The Quaker Peacemaker and King Philip

by John Easton on Dec 5, 1675

Rhode Island’s Quaker deputy-governor desperately seeks peace while Puritan expansionists see only opportunity.


Reclaiming the Commons: Digger Principles

by Various Authors 1649

Gerard Winstanley and the Diggers took direct action to reclaim the commons and level the rights, powers, and privileges unjustly granted to a few aristocrats.


Hannibal on the Amistad

by Nathaniel Peabody Rogers Aug-Dec, 1839

Rogers introduces Cinques and the Amistad rebels, who showed that a chance at liberty and autonomy was more precious than life under slavery.


How Stands the Case?

by John L. O'Sullivan Sept. 1838

In the most difficult period for his party and his movement since their inceptions, John L. O’Sullivan attempted to brace up the troops and squeeze out a victory.


A Jaunt to Vermont

by Nathaniel Peabody Rogers Oct. 1838-January 1839

Rogers takes us on a transcendent yet rugged tour of Vermont, a land virtually untouched by the scourge called “Colorphobia.”


This is All Fanaticism–Wait and See

by Nathaniel Peabody Rogers July-September 1838

Our study begins with a frank discussion of slavery, its impact on American life, and the constitutionality question.