Lions in New Hampshire

by Nathaniel Peabody Rogers June 4-Sept. 10, 1841

In a community-building activist junket, Rogers and William Lloyd Garrison hunt for honest souls in the forests and hills of New Hampshire.


Who Governs Whom, and How

by Wordsworth Donisthorpe in 1889

Setting the tone for the rest of his book, our author argues that complex societies require innumerable interlocking and overlapping local institutions.


Toward an Uncensored Internet

by Sonya Mann on Jun 28, 2018

Sonya Mann examines the precarity of free speech in a platform ecosystem, and offers a decentralized alternative.


Integration with Decentralization

by Wordsworth Donisthorpe in 1889

Surveying the history of states from the fall of Rome to modern Britain, Donisthorpe introduces his plea for “Integration with Decentralization.”


The Honor of Being Persecuted

by Nathaniel Peabody Rogers April-June, 1841

Our author and his compatriots revel in their minority status, fighting The Good Fight, and suffering along the way.


The Germ of the State

by Wordsworth Donisthorpe in 1889

Donisthorpe begins this important contribution to trans-Atlantic libertarianism by investigating the claim that the state is an organism.


Two Treatises of Government: Demoting Adam

by John Locke in 1689

To begin our series on the book that practically made modern political philosophy, we join Locke in demoting Adam from global dictator to mere father.


The Baker Oration: A Hungry Idol

by Frances Whipple on Mar 5, 1862

Whipple ends her feat of mediumship by chastising her audience for holding up a mere piece of paper as an idol worthy of thoughtless devotion.


Progress, Guaranteed

by Condorcet in 1795

Condorcet ends his greatest work with the confident assertion that progress cannot be stopped.