Rep. Charles Goodyear: A Lost Anti-Imperialist

by Charles Goodyear on Jan 16, 1846

In his “Speech on the Oregon Question,” New York Representative Charles Goodyear stood for a small republic in the face of continental imperialism.

Building Tomorrow

Getting Married and Divorced on the Blockchain

by Spencer Neale on Oct 9, 2018

“Life is not eternal and death can separate us, but the Blockchain is forever.” - David Mondrus and Joyce Bayo on their blockchain wedding


Liberty Chimes: Ahmed’s Letters

by Frances Whipple in 1845

In our editor’s second contribution, a Muslim traveler remarks on the perversity of slaveholding and imperial republicanism.


Liberty Chimes: The Slave-Mother

by Frances Whipple in 1845

In a poetry-centric set of “Chimes,” our contributors implore their fellows: wake up already to the horrors of life under slavery.