Robert LeFevre

Robert LeFevre was an American businessman, radio personality, and libertarian theorist. LeFevre was the founder of the Freedom School, an institution designed to educate people about libertarian philosophy and free market economics.


The Discovery of Freedom

by Cato Institute on Mar 1, 2014

A look at Rose Wilder Lane’s The Discovery of Freedom, one of the three books that launched the modern American libertarian movement.


Rose Wilder Lane

by John Hospers on Apr 1, 1978

“Her finest work, excelling even The Discovery of Freedom, was never written for publication; yet it…has influenced many thousands of people.”


The Free Man’s Almanac

by Robert LeFevre on Feb 1, 1976

The Free Man’s Almanac, compiled by Leonard Read, is one of the best and most useful for libertarians that I have run across.”


Shelley, “Frankenstein”

by Robert LeFevre on Mar 1, 1975

The great Robert LeFevre reviews a classic of modern English literature.