Prison Camps of the Propoganda Machine

by James Martin on Oct 1, 1978

“And where were all the pundits…and the big newspaper and radio mouthpieces, the fat, comfortable, affluent and prestigious, the war profiteers?”


Lessons for Libertarian Campus Radicalism

by David Theroux on Aug 1, 1978

“Past libertarian student organizations have lacked either a deep-seated intellectualism, organizational knowhow…or a revolutionary strategic vision.”


The Business Community: Resisting Regulation

by Charles Koch on Jul 1, 1978

“In sum, the Party transforms libertarianism from purely a political philosophy to a movement, to a force for radical social change.”


Strategies for a Libertarian Victory

by Murray Rothbard on Jul 1, 1978

“The Libertarian Party is a vital organ of the libertarian movement, even if it never elects anyone to major office.”


Toward A Libertarian Theory of Revolution

by Milton Mueller on Aug 1, 1978

“Libertarians must do the same kind of basic, radical thinking about political change as they have done about ethical and economic issues.”


Victory in California

by Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Jul 1, 1978

“Let us take the lead in reversing the ratchet of government. Let us get involved with all the talent and energy at our disposal.”


The Case Against Immigration Laws

by Richard Ebeling on Jun 1, 1978

“As harmful and as illogical as [trade barriers] are, none cause the human hardship and misery that immigration restrictions impose.”


Taxes and the 1978 Campaign

by Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Jun 1, 1978

“With the Alaska campaigns and…Gary Greenberg for governor in New York, the Clark campaign will be one of the most important Libertarian efforts in 1978.”


Richard Cobden

by Ralph Raico on Jun 1, 1978

Historian Ralph Raico shares selections from the writings of Richard Cobden.


The Revolution Comes to Italy

by Ralph Raico on May 1, 1978

“I found that the Libertarian Party is not an historically isolated phenomenon but is, on the contrary, the landing place of a great cultural tradition.”


Wilhelm von Humboldt

by Ralph Raico on May 1, 1978

“He was hated and intrigued against by the reactionaries at court; they went so far as to open his mail, as if he had in actuality been a Jacobin.”