Adolescent Dystopia

by Michael Grossberg on Mar 1, 1980

“Art is revolution, and art can best serve revolution by remaining true to itself.”


Fear and Loathing in Retrospect

by Jack Shafer on Mar 1, 1980

“Thompson’s art has always been guided by the principle that the story of getting the story is always more important than the story itself.”


The National Letters

by Jeff Riggenbach on Mar 1, 1980

“One thing at least is certain: [our] literary aristocracy…is not supporting American literature, but rather European colonial literature.”


Afghanistan: The War Threat

by Roy A. Childs, Jr. and Milton Mueller on Mar 1, 1980

“The libertarian response to the growing threat of militarism must no longer be confined to single issues like the draft, or Iran, or Afghanistan.”


Letters to the Editor

by Various Authors on Jun 1, 1979

“Jeff Riggenbach is one of those rare individuals who write so well that it is easy to think the content of his articles must be as good as the form.”


Hard Core, Soft Core

by David Brudnoy on Apr 1, 1979

On any given night, Americans everywhere now watch soft-core films or scenes on the television. “That ought to set the Birchers’ teeth on edge.”


Dracula Leaves His Castle

by Nicholas von Hoffman on Apr 1, 1979

“Had Richard Nixon been able to attract the political help of those who believed in his foreign policies, it is unlikely he would have been driven from office.”


Conscription: The Means of Interventionism

by Justin Raimondo on Apr 1, 1979

“We must build a nationwide movement dedicated to opposing our…global interventionism, and the threats to individual liberty which stem from [it.]”


Trotsky: the Ignorance and the Evil

by Ralph Raico on Mar 1, 1979

Was Trotsky “a hero? Well, no thank you—I’ll find my own heroes somewhere else…It would have been better if he had never been born.”


Voltairine de Cleyre

by Sharon Presley on Mar 1, 1979

“That such a brilliant, unusual woman would be a feminist is no surprise.”


Businessmen and “Uncle Sugar”

by Bruce Bartlett on Mar 1, 1979

“Unless the conservatives break their unholy alliance with business and adopt the libertarian position, the liberals may move into the gap…themselves.”


The Myth of Monolithic Communism

by Murray Rothbard on Feb 1, 1979

“The key to [communist Cambodia’s] diabolic control was its abolition of all money, which abolition is also enforced through murder and terror.”


In Praise of Decadence

by Jeff Riggenbach on Feb 1, 1979

“Moral fortitude is exactly what it takes to deal with diversity, pluralism, heterogeneity—all the synonyms for cultural decadence.”