Free Market Conservation

by Jeff Riggenbach on Feb 1, 1979

“There’s a [market] demand…for the kind of wilderness conservation the government would like us to believe is only possible through public ownership of land.”


The Candle Makers’ Petition

by Frédéric Bastiat in 1845

In this satirical essay, Bastiat petitions on behalf of candle makers for the protection from foreign competition, the sun.


A Negative Railroad

by Frédéric Bastiat in 1845

In this short excerpt from Economic Sophisms, Bastiat demonstrates the absurdity of supposed economic benefits from inefficiency.


Freedom From Plunder: Frédéric Bastiat

by Jim Powell on Jul 4, 2000

The French satirist, agitator, writer, and politician Frédéric Bastiat was France’s foremost champion of liberty in the 19th century.


Free Trade

by Adam Smith in 1776

Adam Smith explores the benefits of Free Trade.


The Free Man’s Almanac

by Robert LeFevre on Feb 1, 1976

The Free Man’s Almanac, compiled by Leonard Read, is one of the best and most useful for libertarians that I have run across.”


Market Protection of Property Rights

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Dec 1, 1979

“The absence of formal government did not result in the western frontier of the United States being as wild as legend has it.”


The Free Love Ideal

by J. William Lloyd on Jan 14, 1897

“To my mind the law is not our worst enemy. … Religious bigotry, marital jealousy, social prejudice, will operate in ostracism, contempt…and actual violence.”


No Man May Keep Me from My Opinions

by John Stuart Mill in 1859

In this excerpt from On Liberty, Mill argues that the right of an individual to her own opinion isn’t only good for her, but for the rest of society.


British Free Banking & Monetary Theory

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Sep 1, 1982

“Free banking dispenses with government authority over money, and allows an orderly yet unmanipulated monetary system.”