Feminism in Liberty

by Sharon Presley in 1986

Benjamin Tucker’s individualist anarchist periodical Liberty hosted radical discussions on gender equality in the late 19th century.

Everything Wrong with the Presidents

Everything Wrong with the Hayes Administration

by Gregory Dehler on Apr 27, 2020

Rutherford B. Hayes will forever be remembered as the president who ended Reconstruction. In the process he abandoned the Civil War Republican Party’s commitment to equal rights for the former slaves and doomed them to a century of discrimination and segregation. 


The State in the Gaps

by Jason Kuznicki on Mar 31, 2020

What happens to the state when the reasons for its existence no longer look quite so compelling? 


A Libertarian Vision for Regulatory Science

by Patrick Michaels on Mar 31, 2020

The scientific research that informs regulations falls prey to perverse incentives when it’s funded by the government doing the regulating. Here’s a better alternative.


A Libertarian Vision for Health Care

by Michael F. Cannon on Mar 31, 2020

A more libertarian health care system would mean higher quality, lower prices, more innovation, and better access for all. 


A Libertarian Vision for Education

by Neal McCluskey on Mar 31, 2020

A libertarian future would unleash markets to provide high quality education in a variety of styles to meet parent’s needs—and at prices within the reach of everyone.


Introduction to Visions of Liberty

by Aaron Ross Powell and Paul Matzko on Mar 31, 2020

Visions of Liberty sets out to explore libertarianism by describing the hopeful future it could bring about. 


Foreword to Visions of Liberty

by David Boaz on Mar 31, 2020

Cato Institute Executive Vice President David Boaz discusses how libertarianism handles utopian thinking and why we strive for a better future without knowing for sure what it might look like. 


A Libertarian Vision for Poverty and Welfare

by Michael D. Tanner on Mar 31, 2020

A libertarian world won’t eliminate all poverty, but it offers powerful tools for greatly reducing it, and improving the lives of the poorest and least privileged. 


Unshackling Our Freedom to Trade

by Daniel J. Ikenson on Mar 31, 2020

Free trade will make us all wealthier and give us greater access to goods and services.