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The Market: This Time It’s Personal

by Sanford Ikeda on Sep 19, 2013

Markets are impersonal, but the social networks that develop inside markets are personal. Freedom within these networks is a crucial aspect of a free market.

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If You Like Wikipedia, You Should Love Markets

by Gary M. Galles on Sep 23, 2013

Wikipedia is collaborative, diverse and peaceful. In the internet age, it encapsulates the concepts of spontaneous order and free markets.

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The Nature and Origin of Money

by Alex Salter on Oct 1, 2013

Did the creation of money arise from state decree or emerge from free markets? The answer has important implications for economic policy.

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New Coke and the Iraq War

by David Boaz on Feb 26, 2015

When mistakes happen in the market, they can be quickly corrected. We have to live with government errors for decades.

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Markets Not Capitalism

by Matt Zwolinski on Sep 23, 2013

Markets not Capitalism, a collection of essays outlining left-libertarianism, reveals how our current system falls short of the free market ideal.

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The Magic of Free Trade

by Arthur Foulkes on Oct 1, 2013

From fifth grade classrooms to the green energy industry, free trade grows economies and promotes peace.

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The Enduring Lesson of “I, Pencil”

by Nicole Ciandella on Oct 1, 2013

"I, Pencil" describes the complicated process of creating a simple pencil. This essay honors the impact of "I, Pencil" in demonstrating spontaneous order in markets.