Portraits of Liberty

The First Western Feminist

featuring Paul Meany on Mar 12, 2020

In this episode, we explore the life of the medieval writer Christine De Pizan, who in her famous book the City of Ladies debunked a long-standing tradition of misogyny.

Pop & Locke


featuring Landry Ayres, Peter Suderman, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, & Natalie Dowzicky on Mar 11, 2020

Westworld is much more than an exclusive theme park where those who can afford a ticket live without limits and we cannot wait for what season three brings.

Free Thoughts

Overdoing Democracy (with Robert Talisse)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Robert Talisse on Mar 6, 2020

In this far-reaching conversation, we look at the problems of American democracy, at the sources of polarization and tribalism, and offer ways each of us could take small steps towards improving the state of our politics.

Building Tomorrow


featuring Paul Matzko on Mar 5, 2020

The stories we tell about the future can create the future.

The Pursuit

A System Riddled with Fraud

featuring Tess Terrible and Landry Ayres on Mar 3, 2020

How can we make health care third-party free?

Pop & Locke

Disney Princesses

featuring Natalie Dowzicky, Haley Victory Smith, Brittany Hunter, & Madeline Fry on Feb 26, 2020

Since “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was released in 1937, princess characters have won the hearts of many generations of young girls. But, do these stories still resonate with today’s children?

Free Thoughts

Medicalization of Birth & Death (with Lauren K. Hall)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Lauren K. Hall on Feb 21, 2020

Lauren K. Hall joins the show today to argue that medicalization reduces competition, stifles innovation, and prevents individuals from accessing the most appropriate care during their most vulnerable moments.

The Pursuit

Holodomor: The Forgotten Ukrainian Genocide

featuring Tess Terrible on Feb 18, 2020

The Ukrainian famine, known as the Holodomor, was not a natural famine, and to this day, Russia has not recognized it as a genocide.

Free Thoughts

The Evolution of Cooperation (with Nicholas A. Christakis)

featuring Trevor Burrus, Aaron Ross Powell, and Nicholas A. Christakis on Feb 14, 2020

Nicholas Christakis joins the show today to talk about how humans are unique in that we have evolved the capacity for friendship.

Pop & Locke

Little Women

featuring Natalie Dowzicky, Haley Victory Smith, Marianne March, & Kat Murti on Feb 12, 2020

Marianne March, Kat Murti, and Haley Victory Smith join the show today to talk about the Oscar-winning film, Little Women. 

Free Thoughts

Bitcoin: Boom or Bust?

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, George Selgin, & Diego Zuluaga on Feb 7, 2020

George Selgin and Diego Zuluaga return to the show to talk about how the capability of bitcoin is still in its infancy.

Building Tomorrow

Venture Capital Built Silicon Valley

featuring Paul Matzko, Margaret O'Mara, and Spencer Ante on Feb 6, 2020

Innovation might seem magical, but magic comes with a steep price tag. Venture capital provided a superior way of funding entrepreneurship than what existed before. 

The Pursuit

All War is Darkness

featuring Natalie Dowzicky on Feb 4, 2020

No president wants to be labelled as losing a war, but why would they want to continue an endless one?

Free Thoughts

Rebuilding America (with Yuval Levin)

featuring Trevor Burrus, Aaron Ross Powell, and Yuval Levin on Jan 24, 2020

Yuval Levin joins the show to discuss how the left and right alike respond with populist anger at our institutions that seem to be failing the American people.