Free Thoughts

Is Liberalism in Danger?

featuring Jacob T. Levy, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Jun 2, 2017

Jacob T. Levy says that the collapse of trust in institutional norms is responsible for a new era of Trump-style authoritarian, populist politics.

Free Thoughts

Stories from Putin’s Economist

featuring Andrei Illarionov, Trevor Burrus, and Matthew Feeney on May 26, 2017

Andrei Illarionov joins us this week to tell us about growing up and studying economics in the Soviet Union, and about the years he spent as an economic policy advisor to Vladimir Putin.

Free Thoughts

Nothing Is Secure

featuring Julian Sanchez, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on May 19, 2017

Julian Sanchez joins us this week for a discussion about online privacy in the era of mass data collection. When we’re online, what kind of data are we creating, and who’s watching us?

Liberty Chronicles

The Liberal and Marxist Theories of History

featuring Anthony Comegna and Jason Kuznicki on May 16, 2017

We overview Marxism and classical liberalism so we can get a very full picture of what produces change over time.

Free Thoughts

The True Causes of Mass Incarceration

featuring John Pfaff, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on May 12, 2017

We talk about the United States’s unusually high rate of incarceration. How many Americans are in prison or in jail? What did they do to get there?

Liberty Chronicles

History from Above and Below

featuring Anthony Comegna and Jason Kuznicki on May 9, 2017

Everything you were taught about why the world is the way it is was planted in your mind to promote a particular narrative of our world.

Free Thoughts

Why We’re Too Complacent

featuring Tyler Cowen, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on May 5, 2017

This week, we talk about the slowing pace of innovation and growth in the US over the past few decades. Has American society become too complacent?


Social Laws, Part 10

featuring George H. Smith on May 3, 2017

George H. Smith explores Emile Durkheim’s major objections to Herbert Spencer’s theory of a free society based on voluntary contracts.

Liberty Chronicles

A Neglected Anniversary

featuring Anthony Comegna on May 2, 2017

What does the development of the bathtub have to do with how we think about history?