Liberty Chronicles

The Illusion of Empire: Spanish Texas

featuring Anthony Comegna on Sep 19, 2017

Spanish America was part of an empire in name. Missionaries expanded the frontier zone, but they never really controlled it.  

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Lessons from the Anti-Federalists

featuring William J. Watkins, Jr., Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Sep 15, 2017

William J. Watkins, Jr. joins us for a discussion on the Articles of Confederation and the ideas of the Anti-Federalists.

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We’re in the Weeds (Freedom on Trial Commentary: Part 2)

featuring John Papola on Sep 13, 2017

Anne Rathbone Bradley, James K. Galbraith, and Michael Munger discuss the effect minimum wage laws have on upward mobility for those at the bottom of the economic ladder, a concept featured in our new courtroom drama series, #FreedomOnTrial.

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Freedom on Trial

featuring John Papola on Sep 13, 2017

Freedom on Trial is a courtroom drama that takes viewers into the heart of the everyday issues that arise when an employer’s desire to hire more employees runs into the barrier of minimum wage laws, and when the government’s plans to “solve” income inequality only makes things worse.

Liberty Chronicles

The Middle Passage: Igboland to America

featuring Anthony Comegna on Sep 12, 2017

The slaves shipped to British North America were predominantly identified as Igbos from interior West Africa. Their stories deserve to be remembered.

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What’s the Right Number of Koala Bears?

featuring Ryan M. Yonk, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Sep 8, 2017

Ryan M. Yonk joins us this week for a discussion about how we think about ecology and the environment.

Liberty Chronicles

Reasonable Crimes: Humanizing Pirates

featuring Anthony Comegna and Peter T. Leeson on Sep 5, 2017

Are all human beings merely economic maximizers? Can all human actions really be explained in terms of profit, loss, and calculation?

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Rights and Radicalism

featuring Grant Babcock, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Sep 1, 2017

Grant Babcock joins us this week to talk about an essay he wrote in defense of natural rights-based libertarianism.

Liberty Chronicles

Hanging John Gow, Conquering Madagascar

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 29, 2017

John Gow harbored a deep resentment of the elite. Gow wanted to turn pirate from the start; he only awaited the right opportunity.

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Arguments for Liberty: Utilitarianism

featuring Chris Freiman, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Aug 25, 2017

Christopher Freiman joins us to talk about his Arguments for Liberty chapter on utilitarianism. What’s the utilitarian argument for libertarianism?

Liberty Chronicles

A Libertarian Paradise in the Golden Age of Piracy

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 22, 2017

By the 1720s, the Americas’ radicals existed adrift at sea; stateless people who turned their very existence into an act of rebellion.

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Free Thoughts on Free Thoughts: 200 Episodes and Counting

featuring Tess Terrible, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Aug 18, 2017

Our producer, Tess Terrible, interviews Aaron and Trevor for Free Thoughts’s 200th episode. How did Free Thoughts get started, and what have we learned along the way?

Free Thoughts

Close America’s Overseas Bases

featuring John Glaser, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Aug 11, 2017

John Glaser proposes a policy shift that would save money and make the United States safer: closing some or all of America’s 800 overseas military bases.

Liberty Chronicles

The Best Poor Man’s Country in the World

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 8, 2017

In the 18th century, many Europeans entered the colonies as indentured servants. Conditions were improving, but autonomy was a rare commodity.