Frederick Douglass

A self-taught escaped slave, statesman, and leader of the American Abolitionist Movement, Frederick Douglass is best known for his speeches and auto-biographies, in which he stressed the universal equality of all humans.

Libertarian View

The Story of Frederick Douglass

featuring Nicholas Buccola on Sep 28, 2012

Nicholas Buccola briefly sketches out Douglass’s incredible life, from his origins as a slave to his success as one of the most renowned orators of his age.

Free Thoughts

The Right to Earn a Living

featuring Timothy Sandefur, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Jan 5, 2015

Timothy Sandefur joins us for a discussion on economic liberty. Is there a right to earn a living? How is this right being violated today?

Liberty Chronicles

The Middle Passage: Igboland to America

featuring Anthony Comegna on Sep 12, 2017

The slaves shipped to British North America were predominantly identified as Igbos from interior West Africa. Their stories deserve to be remembered.