Michael Huemer

Michael Huemer is a professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He writes about on philosophical skepticism, the problem of induction, ethical intuitionism, free will, and deontological ethics, and has taught courses in ethics, social philosophy, logic, epistemology, philosophy of science, and metaphysics.

Free Thoughts

The Problem of Political Authority

featuring Michael Huemer, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Sep 15, 2014

Michael Huemer joins us this week for a discussion on political authority, political obligation, and political legitimacy.

Free Thoughts

Lysander Spooner’s Letter to Grover Cleveland

featuring Matt Zwolinski, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Aug 21, 2015

Matt Zwolinski joins us for a discussion on Lysander Spooner’s “Letter to Grover Cleveland,” which Spooner wrote in the last year of his life.

Free Thoughts

Must You Obey Government?

featuring Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus on Mar 17, 2017

Aaron and Trevor have a discussion about the political authority of the state. Should one obey the government? Is there a compelling reason to?

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What Does It Mean to Think Philosophically?

featuring Matthew Feeney, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Jul 20, 2015

Matthew Feeney joins us for a general discussion on the value of philosophy. Why is philosophy important? How do you learn to think philosophically?

Free Thoughts

Can Anarchy Work?

featuring Peter T. Leeson, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Mar 31, 2017

Peter T. Leeson joins us this week to discuss rational choice theory as it applies to self-governance. What happens in the absence of government?