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Maintaining a Free Society

featuring Milton Friedman on Dec 7, 1975

Milton Friedman explains the “drift toward collectivism” and counters it with an explanation of how the free market works.

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Roy A. Childs, Jr.: The Radical Libertarian Vision

featuring Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Apr 11, 1981

In this talk, Roy Childs speaks about the principles of the libertarian philosophy, focusing on what sets it apart from the left and right in the United States.

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The Libertarian Party’s First Decade

featuring David Nolan, Don Ernsberger, Robert Poole, & Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Apr 11, 1981

Nolan, Ernsberger, Childs, and Poole discuss the achievements and strategy of the Libertarian Party on the 10th anniversary of its founding.

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The Foundation for Libertarianism: Ethics or Economics?

featuring George H. Smith and David D. Friedman on May 15, 1981

George H. Smith and David D. Friedman have a debate over whether natural rights or rule utilitarianism forms a better basis for libertarian ideas.

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Problems with Libertarianism

featuring David D. Friedman on May 16, 1981

David Friedman lists problems he believes he has found with moral-rights based justifications for libertarianism.

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Do Children Have Rights?

featuring George H. Smith on May 16, 1981

George H. Smith theorizes on what rights children retain—if any—in this 1981 video.

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Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

featuring Bruce Evoy and Patrick Henry on Jun 7, 1981

Bruce Evoy delivers Patrick Henry’s iconic “Give me liberty, or give me death!” speech at the Virginia Libertarian Party convention in 1981.

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Competition, Monopoly, and Antitrust

featuring Dominick Armentano on Sep 15, 1981

Dominick Armentano makes the case that a competitive economy doesn’t need antitrust laws to function well.

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Free Market Environmentalism?

featuring Robert J. Smith on Sep 18, 1981

Robert J. Smith introduces the idea of free market environmentalism: an approach to environmental conservation that advocates the private ownership of resources.

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Politics, Ideas, and Freedom

featuring Ron Paul on Sep 19, 1981

Dr. Ron Paul shares his personal philosophy on how ideas can inform politics in this 1981 video from a Council for a Competitive Economy event.