Video Collection

Don Ernsberger on the Culture of Freedom

featuring Don Ernsberger on Aug 21, 1987

Ernberger talks about a “culture of freedom” in America and the growth of the Libertarian Party since its inception 16 years prior.

Video Collection

Roy A. Childs, Jr.: The Radical Libertarian Vision

featuring Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Apr 11, 1981

In this talk, Roy Childs speaks about the principles of the libertarian philosophy, focusing on what sets it apart from the left and right in the United States.

Video Collection

The Libertarian Party’s First Decade

featuring David Nolan, Don Ernsberger, Robert Poole, & Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Apr 11, 1981

Nolan, Ernsberger, Childs, and Poole discuss the achievements and strategy of the Libertarian Party on the 10th anniversary of its founding.