Unshackling Our Freedom to Trade

by Daniel J. Ikenson on Mar 31, 2020

Free trade will make us all wealthier and give us greater access to goods and services. 


A Libertarian Vision for Digital Expression

by Will Duffield on Mar 31, 2020

The internet has unleashed expression, but has led to new forms of control. Decentralization will fulfill the internet’s libertarian promise.


A Libertarian Vision for Technology

by Matthew Feeney on Mar 31, 2020

Policies that embrace freedom, innovation, and entrepreneurship while accepting risk can provide humanity with the technology to make us all freer, healthier, and safer. 


A History of Libertarian Utopianism

by Anthony Comegna on Mar 31, 2020

A history of how libertarians have thought about utopias and how utopian thinking has influenced libertarianism. 

Free Thoughts

The Nationalism Problem (with Stephanie Slade)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Stephanie Slade on Mar 27, 2020

Stephanie Slade joins the show to talk about her new cover story for Reason Magazine; Against the New Nationalism. 

Portraits of Liberty

Poullain and Equality

featuring Paul Meany on Mar 26, 2020

François Poullain de la Barre was a philosopher who was completely ahead of any of his contemporaries on the topic of gender equality.


Cicero Was Locke’s Greatest Inspiration

by Paul Meany on Mar 25, 2020

One of the most significant thinkers who shaped Locke’s philosophy, despite preceding him by eighteen centuries, is Marcus Tullius Cicero. 

Pop & Locke

Parks and Recreation

featuring Landry Ayres, Natalie Dowzicky, Tess Terrible, & Lauren Sander on Mar 25, 2020

We discuss the absurd antics of Pawnee, Indiana’s public officials as they pursue projects to make their city a better place.


Josiah Warren, the Most Practical Anarchist

by David S. D’Amato on Mar 23, 2020

Defying categorization as a socialist or capitalist thinker, Josiah Warren was staunchly individualist—distrustful of institutions like states that subsumed individuals into “combinations.”


An Introduction to John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty

by Paul Meany on Mar 20, 2020

On Liberty is not merely a political text explaining the intricacies of how the state ought to act. It is a love letter to the individual virtues of intellectual curiosity, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

Free Thoughts

Politics Makes Us Worse

featuring Trevor Burrus and Aaron Ross Powell on Mar 20, 2020

In the United States, nothing makes us hate each other quite like politics.

Building Tomorrow

Did the Military Build Silicon Valley?

featuring Paul Matzko, Peter Van Doren, and Christophe Lécuyer on Mar 19, 2020

The government has long played a role in advancing (and delaying) technological innovation.

The Pursuit

The New American Dreamers

featuring Natalie Dowzicky on Mar 17, 2020

Imagine being told, as a child, that you were undocumented and you didn’t belong here.