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The Myth of the Rational Voter

featuring Bryan Caplan, Scott Keeter, and Will Wilkinson on Jul 17, 2007

Economist Bryan Caplan argues that the quality of policymaking in democracies is poor because the incentives facing voters encourage them to choose irrationally.

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Joan Kennedy Taylor on Libertarian Feminism

featuring Joan Kennedy Taylor on Jan 1, 1990

Taylor discusses the importance of association to humanity, arguing that the feminist movement can take advantage of these associations.


Who I Am, Why I’m Here

by Jason Kuznicki on Nov 3, 2011

Jason Kuznicki discusses his perspective and philosphical interests.


An Introduction

by Julian Sanchez on Nov 3, 2011

Julian Sanchez discusses his perspective and philosphical interests.


Was Thomas Jefferson a Plagiarist?

by George H. Smith on Nov 15, 2011

Jefferson drew on a rich intellectual tradition when he drafted the Declaration of Independence. But did he also draw directly from contemporary works?