Why Has Liberty Flourished in the West?

by Jim Powell on Sep 1, 2000

Powell examines the expansion of liberty in western culture and covers the history of free thinkers from Cicero to Ayn Rand.


James Madison’s Vision of Liberty

by John Samples on Mar 1, 2001

Samples explores James Madison’s life by examining his motivations in drafting and later defending the United States Constitution.


Is Freedom Winning?

by David Boaz on Jan 1, 2003

Boaz acknowledges that America is in no golden age of liberty, but adds that freedom is on a perpetual march forward.


Seven Moral Arguments for Free Trade

by Daniel T. Griswold on Jul 1, 2001

Daniel Griswold argues that free trade is not only more efficient than protectionism but also more moral.


The Importance of History

by David Boaz on Jul 1, 2003

Boaz highlights how history shapes our view of the present and stresses the necessity of looking back to the Founding Fathers to learn what makes America great.


The Party of Modernity

by David Kelley on May 1, 2003

Kelley defines ‘modernity’ as the rational culture of the Enlightenment.


Myths of the Nanny State

by Radley Balko on Sep 1, 2006

Balko argues that there simply isn’t much evidence to support the sky-is-falling scenarios offered up by proponents of modern paternalism.