The Second Fiery Flying Roll: Base Things

by Abiezer Coppe on Jan 4, 1649

For Coppe’s second rant, he targets the notion that some behaviors are innately sinful. All creation, he says, leads the faithful closer to God.


The Lamb’s War: A Lamb’s Armor

by James Nayler in 1657

Despite two decades (and more) of conservative suppression, radical Quakerism lived on over the ages thanks to pamphlets like Nayler’s.


The Quaker Peacemaker and King Philip

by John Easton on Dec 5, 1675

Rhode Island’s Quaker deputy-governor desperately seeks peace while Puritan expansionists see only opportunity.


Two Treatises of Government: Demoting Adam

by John Locke in 1689

To begin our series on the book that practically made modern political philosophy, we join Locke in demoting Adam from global dictator to mere father.