Garrison on the Right of Secession

by George H. Smith on Mar 2, 2018

Smith discusses what Garrison meant by the “right of secession,” and how he reconciled his views with his condemnation of secession by the southern states.


After Nestor: The Mother of Violence

by Benjamin Tucker in 1897

After surveying a string of possible arsons (by communists, for insurance fraud) and the Haymarket Square bombing, Tucker advises against all violence.

Liberty Chronicles

Rumps and Buffaloes

featuring Anthony Comegna on Feb 27, 2018

By the Fall of 1837, both Tammany Hall Democrats and the Locofocos loved Van Buren’s administration so a reunion was now a real possibility.


After Nestor: Fetishizing Ballots & Bombs

by Benjamin Tucker in 1897

Tucker advised anarchists to stay away from both ballot boxes and cartridge boxes. Using force only ever causes more trouble and weakens liberty.

Free Thoughts

The Pope’s Politics

featuring Trevor Burrus, Aaron Ross Powell, and Robert Whaples on Feb 23, 2018

Robert Whaples joins us for a conversation on the Pope’s earnest call to build a caring society.


After Nestor: Making Anarchy Happen

by Benjamin Tucker in 1897

From withdrawing every sort of tax revenue to trans-Atlantic reform associations, Tucker argues that ‘passive resistance’ can kill the state.

Liberty Chronicles

Candlelight Conspiracy

featuring Anthony Comegna on Feb 20, 2018

During a state convention in Utica on September 1836, 93 delegates unanimously adopted a resolution to officially establish the Equal Rights Party.

Free Thoughts

The Case Against Education

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Bryan Caplan on Feb 16, 2018

Bryan Caplan gives us the case against traditional education.


The Lamb’s War: A Lamb’s Armor

by James Nayler in 1657

Despite two decades (and more) of conservative suppression, radical Quakerism lived on over the ages thanks to pamphlets like Nayler’s.