Liberty Chronicles

Individualism vs The Market Revolution

featuring Anthony Comegna on Dec 12, 2017

The colonial period was one of booming production and commerce, a deeply commercialized culture noted by its fashions, ever changing tastes, and values.


The Decline and Fall of Ancient Empiricism

by Condorcet in 1795

Condorcet believed secular sectarianism was the primary cause of ancient philosophy’s decline, but Christian dogmatism sure didn’t help.

Free Thoughts

How the Powerful Captured the Economy

featuring Trevor Burrus, Matthew Feeney, Brink Lindsey, & Steven M. Teles on Dec 8, 2017

We discuss 4 pathological policy regimes that are responsible for the slow growth & inequality that’s plagued the US economy.


Freethought and Freedom: Skepticism

featuring George H. Smith on Dec 6, 2017

Pyrrhonic skepticism had a tremendous influence on religious debates in post-Reformation Europe.


After Nestor: A Smattering of Subjects

by Benjamin Tucker on Nov 1, 1897

In a troubling set of quotations, Tucker derides age of consent laws, displays plenty of misogyny, and shows more concern for butter than child welfare.

Free Thoughts

Punk Rock Politics

featuring Frank Portman, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Dec 1, 2017

Dr. Frank of The Mr. T Experience joins us to talk about the politics of punk rock. What is punk rebelling against? Is it inherently political?


After Nestor: Liquor & Tariffs

by Benjamin Tucker in 1897

Tucker squares off with a reader and fellow editor who suggests some monopolies are necessary for liberty to thrive.

Liberty Chronicles

Anarchiad! - Politics in the Early Republic

featuring Anthony Comegna on Nov 28, 2017

This First Patriot Coalition helped win the war, but the Second, a far more aristocratical, power-friendly coalition was already busy about its work.

Free Thoughts

How the Right Lost Its Mind

featuring Charles J. Sykes, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Nov 24, 2017

Charles J. Sykes joins us this week for a discussion on the origins of the populist, pro-Trump Right.


Anarchiad, a New England Poem: Part 5

by Various Authors on Sep 13, 1787

Federalists didn’t respect Democrats; Democrats hated Federalists. Libertarians know neither can be trusted with power.