The Greek Republic of Letters

by Condorcet in 1795

Condorcet surveys the widely-distributed, decentralized, yet deeply interconnected ancient Greek ‘Republic of Letters.’


Anarchiad, A New England Poem: Part 1

by Various Authors on Oct 26, 1786

The Hartford Wits were Federalists, but their arguments against democracy may ring familiar to modern libertarians.


The Writing Revolution

by Condorcet in 1795

The invention of agriculture was certainly epochal and revolutionary, but writing dramatically sped up the course of progress.

Free Thoughts

The Implications of Behavioral Economics

featuring Peter Van Doren, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Nov 3, 2017

Peter Van Doren joins us for a discussion on Richard Thaler’s work in behavioral economics.

Video Collection

Race, Class, and Gender

featuring Roderick T. Long, Jacob T. Levy, David E. Bernstein, & R. Richard Geddes on Nov 2, 2017

Roderick T. Long, Jacob T. Levy, David Bernstein and R. Richard Geddes present on “Race, Class, and Gender” at an IHS Fellows Research Colloquium, 1997.

Liberty Chronicles

Cannibals or Saints? A Liberty Chronicles Halloween

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from Liberty Chronicles! We’re celebrating Reformation Day and replaying one of our favorite episodes on the Salem Witch Trials.