Defenses of the Right of Secession

by George H. Smith on Mar 30, 2018

Smith discusses the doctrine of state sovereignty, as defended by Alexander Stephens, Thomas Jefferson, and John C. Calhoun.

Free Thoughts

Understanding Common Law (with John Hasnas)

featuring Trevor Burrus, Aaron Ross Powell, and John Hasnas on Mar 30, 2018

John Hasnas joins us this week to discuss the evolutionary process of common law.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 47: The People’s Governor

featuring Anthony Comegna on Mar 27, 2018

“Nowhere in the world have life, LIBERTY, and property been safer than in Rhode Island.”


After Nestor: Karl Marx as Friend and Foe

by Benjamin Tucker in 1897

Reflecting on the death of Karl Marx, Tucker proclaims his high regard for Marx-as-Egalitarian…and his disgust for Marx-as-Authoritarian.


More on Garrison and the Civil War

by George H. Smith on Mar 23, 2018

Smith explains why Garrison, an avowed pacifist, supported the North during the Civil War.


Science vs. Politics: Hume’s Guillotine

by Helen Dale on Mar 22, 2018

Setting up her discussion of Snowdon’s Killjoys and Leyonhjelm’s Freedom’s Salesman, Dale invokes Hume’s principle that one cannot derive an “ought” from an “is.”


After Nestor: Immigrants Love Liberty

by Benjamin Tucker in 1897

Tucker blasts notions that immigrants come bearing crime and socialism, argues for atheism, and heaps praise on Auberon Herbert.


Benjamin Tucker, Libertarian

by David S. D’Amato on Mar 19, 2018

Often claimed by modern socialist anarchists, Benjamin Tucker fits better in the libertarian tradition.


Gradualism and the Republican Party

by George H. Smith on Mar 16, 2018

Smith discusses plans for the abolition of slavery by radical members of the Republican Party.


After Nestor: The Pittsburgh Forge-Master

by Benjamin Tucker in 1897

Reacting to the deadly fiasco at Homestead, Pennsylvania, Tucker renews his alliance with labor in the face of industrialized corporate-capitalism.