Building Tomorrow

Has Your Phone Hacked Your Brain?

featuring Paul Matzko, Aaron Ross Powell, and Will Duffield on Dec 27, 2018

We don’t know the consequences of the infinite scroll yet, but in order to actually live, it may be wise to be mindful of your screen time. 

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 86: Eggnog Riot!!!!

featuring Anthony Comegna on Dec 25, 2018

Merry Christmas! We hope you didn’t stage a riot last night on Christmas Eve, because, as you know, Santa is always watching!

Free Thoughts

Is Wall Street Overregulated? (with Todd Zywicki)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Todd Zywicki on Dec 21, 2018

Todd Zywicki explains how the American banking system is regulated to the point where there is no room or even hope for innovation. 

Building Tomorrow

Flying Taxis: Cleared for Takeoff?

featuring Paul Matzko, Matthew Feeney, and Brent Skorup on Dec 20, 2018

Brent Skorup from the Mercatus Center addresses his new paper Auctioning Airspace. 


The Functions of the State

by Wordsworth Donisthorpe in 1889

In pursuit of understanding what the state may legitimately do, Donisthorpe explains what modern states actually do.


The Structure of the State

by Wordsworth Donisthorpe in 1889

Donisthorpe stakes his claim for democracy, both the general trend of history and the first step to a more individualistic world.

Free Thoughts

Why Being Poor is Expensive (with Ryan Bourne)

featuring Trevor Burrus and Aaron Ross Powell on Dec 14, 2018

Ryan Bourne joins us today to discuss the intricate hardships that the poor in the United States are experiencing.


The Genius of American Liberty, Part 2

by Frances Whipple in 1867

In the second half of her epic poem, Whipple allows even the most anti-Lincoln of observers insight into the Civil War as a libertarian moment.

Building Tomorrow

Is Amazon HQ2 Worth it?

featuring Paul Matzko, Will Duffield, and Vanessa Calder on Dec 13, 2018

Vanessa Calder joins us this week to discuss whether or not residents of Crystal City, VA and Queens, NY should be excited by the arrival of Amazon.


The Genius of American Liberty, Part 1

by Frances Whipple in 1867

In the first half of Whipple’s epic poem, the spirit of freedom (embodied in the form of an ageless eagle) watches over its chosen country.


Three Widely Believed Economic Fallacies

by Steven Horwitz on Dec 11, 2018

The economic fallacies tackled here are the zero sum game, that order requires design, & that consumption is the key to growth.