Luther v. Borden: Republicanism on Trial

by United States Supreme Court in 1849

In 1849, the US Supreme Court decided that might makes right—The only legitimate institutions are those with enough power to defend themselves.


Modern Philosophy, Modern Liberty

by Condorcet in 1795

Rounding out his history of the Early Modern period, Condorcet explains the linkages between philosophy and politics on both ends of the Atlantic.


Moncure Conway’s Fall from Grace

by George H. Smith on Apr 13, 2018

How was the abolitionist Moncure Conway widely criticized by other American abolitionists for his peace proposal that would end the Civil War?

Free Thoughts

Speak Freely (with Keith E. Whittington)

featuring Trevor Burrus and Aaron Ross Powell on Apr 13, 2018

Keith E. Whittington joins us to discuss his book Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech.


John Locke: Hermeneutics and Labor

featuring George H. Smith on Apr 11, 2018

George H. Smith explains Locke’s ideas on how we should interpret a philosophic text, and the relationship between labor and private property.

Liberty Chronicles

The Clambakarians

featuring Anthony Comegna on Apr 10, 2018

In July 1842, Rhode Island had two state governments. The rest of New England watched, wondering if they would spill into a civil war.

Free Thoughts

WTF?! Economics (with Peter T. Leeson)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Peter T. Leeson on Apr 6, 2018

Peter T. Leeson joins us to talk about his new book WTF?!: An Economic Tour of the Weird.


The Rise of Modern States

by Condorcet in 1795

For our author, the print revolution ushered in both an unstoppable flood of progress and the massive, abosolute, bureaucratic central state.