Anthony Comegna

Anthony Comegna received his M.A. (2012) and Ph.D. (2016) in history from the University of Pittsburgh, where he specialized in early American, intellectual, and Atlantic history.  His dissertation, “The Dupes of Hope Forever:”  The Loco-Foco or Equal Rights Movement, 1820s-1870s, revives the submerged and forgotten legacy of locofocoism.  Anthony has taught undergraduate courses in American history and Western Civilization.  He produces regular historical content for Libertarianism.org and is the writer/host of Liberty Chronicles.

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Liberty Chronicles

Welcome to Liberty Chronicles

featuring Anthony Comegna on Apr 12, 2017

Join host Dr. Anthony Comegna on a series of libertarian explorations into the past.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 88: The Secession Conventions

featuring Anthony Comegna on Jan 8, 2019

The complicated time of secession was defined by politicians’ desire to grab power in any way that they could. 


A(nother) Neglected Anniversary

by Anthony Comegna on Apr 1, 2018

Though historians refuse to recognize his accomplishment, H. L. Mencken invented an entire historical genre and method.


Libertarianism, Then and Now

by Anthony Comegna on Oct 3, 2018

On Camilo Gomez’s History and Politics podcast, Anthony discusses rooted libertarian history and the magnitude of our current problems.


Why Did the Southern States Secede?

by Anthony Comegna on Feb 9, 2016

It shouldn’t need to be said, but the Confederacy didn’t stand for opposing federal overreach or eliminating handouts to big business—it stood for slavery.


Slavery & Empire: The Destruction of Whydah

by Anthony Comegna on Feb 23, 2016

“All the Countries near the Sea side, which the King of Dahome could possibly get at, are not only conquered, but also turned into Desolation.”


Slavery’s Defenders vs. The First Abolitionists

by Anthony Comegna on Feb 29, 2016

William Snelgrave traded slaves because it made him fabulously wealthy—But try as he might, he could not transform men and women into mere machines.


“Their Voyage to Hell:” Piracy, Thick and Thin

by Anthony Comegna on Mar 1, 2016

The slaver William Snelgrave is captured by pirates, barely escaping death. His account of the ordeal describes the ideology and internal politics of the pirates.


Art as Ideas: Thomas Cole’s The Course of Empire

by Anthony Comegna on Mar 25, 2016

For his stunning depictions of social and political theory, “Thomas Cole stands as one of the most influential fine artists in the history of liberal thought.”


Debasing Roger Taney

by Anthony Comegna on Aug 21, 2017

When the people fear to criticize their stone and metal icons, there is tyranny. When the icons fear criticism from the people, there is liberty.