The Sanctity of Private Life: Benjamin Constant

by Jim Powell on Jul 4, 2000

Swiss-born thinker, politician, author, and activist Benjamin Constant defended freedom in France against the ancien regime, the Terror, and Napoleon.


Constant, Benjamin (1767-1830)

by David Hart on Aug 15, 2008

Though famous for his novel, Adolphe, Benjamin Constant is also known in the English-speaking world for his writings on liberal constitutionalism.


Why Politics Can’t Make Us Better

by Aaron Ross Powell on Apr 6, 2012

Powell discusses different conceptions of what it means to be free, arguing against a “rule of the mob.”


Dunoyer, Charles (1786-1862)

by David Hart on Aug 15, 2008

Charles Dunoyer was a major influence in the French classical liberal movement. He wrote on law, society, and the benefits of free markets and limited government.


Liberty in the Ancient World

by Roderick T. Long on Aug 15, 2008

Liberty has been a value to many civilizations. In this entry, Roderick Long highlights a few instances of liberal ideas in pre-modern societies.


Humboldt, Wilhelm von (1767-1835)

by Detmar Doering on Aug 15, 2008

Known as the namesake of Berlin’s premier university, Wilhelm von Humboldt was a statesman, educational reformer, and German liberal philosopher.


French Revolution

by David Hart on Aug 15, 2008

Despite its devastating consequences, the French Revolution (1789-1799) was a major event in the spread of democratic ideals.


Jouvenel, Bertrand de (1903-1987)

by Daniel J. Mahoney on Aug 15, 2008

A respected French political philosopher, Bertrand de Jouvenel examined a number of topics to do with power and the role of the state.



by Terry Price on Aug 15, 2008

While valued by many schools of thought, freedom can be understood in a variety of ways, such as the difference between positive and negative freedom.