Jouvenel, Bertrand de (1903-1987)

by Daniel J. Mahoney on Aug 15, 2008

A respected French political philosopher, Bertrand de Jouvenel examined a number of topics to do with power and the role of the state.

Free Thoughts

The Synthesis of Rights and Consequences

featuring Tom G. Palmer, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Feb 10, 2014

We discuss the two most common philosophical justifications for libertarianism: consequentialism and rights-based theories.


State and Society

by Felix Morley on Sep 1, 1978

“The twentieth century’s major political developments flow from the coercive nature of the state.”


Price Controls

by Donald J. Boudreaux on Aug 15, 2008

When the government uses price controls to influence the affordability of products, shortages or surpluses occur - often making the problem worse.


FEE and the Climate of Opinion

by Bettina Greaves on May 1, 1996

The Foundation for Economic Education’s pro-liberty mission is directed by the recognition that ideas have consequences.


The Literature of Liberty

by Tom G. Palmer on Feb 4, 1998

Tom G. Palmer provides a comprehensive overview of the vast literature on libertarianism, free market economics, and the philosophy of liberty.


The Hayek Bibliography

by Various Authors on Dec 1, 1982

Literature of Liberty’s attempt to produce a full bibliography of works by, about, and relevant to Friedrich Hayek.