Charles Murray

Charles Murray is a political scientist, author, and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.


Murray, Charles (1943-)

by Brian Doherty on Aug 15, 2008

Charles Murray’s work has questioned the effectiveness and implications of the American welfare state and promoted individualist solutions instead.


Class for Classical Liberals

by Jason Kuznicki on Feb 10, 2012

Charles Murray’s new book raises intriguing questions—but is far less objectionable than one might think.

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Encyclopedia of Libertarianism

featuring Charles Murray, Jason Kuznicki, Ronald Hamowy, & William Galston on Oct 14, 2008

The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism is the first comprehensive, encyclopedic treatment of the libertarian movement.

Video Collection

Should We Welcome a Libertarian Future?

featuring David Boaz, Charles Murray, William A. Galston, & Robert J. Shapiro on Apr 23, 1997

David Boaz and Charles Murray each discuss their respective books about what it means to be a libertarian in this 1997 Cato debate.

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Libertarianism and Christianity

featuring Doug Bandow, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Jul 21, 2014

Doug Bandow joins us to talk about the relationship between libertarianism and Chrisitanity.


The Libertarian Case for a Basic Income

by Matt Zwolinski on Dec 5, 2013

Guaranteeing a minimum income to the poor is better than our current system of welfare, Zwolinski argues. And it can be justified by libertarian principles.


Libertarianism in the Crosshairs

by Tom G. Palmer on Jul 1, 2000

Starting from the premise that mass resistance to your ideas is a sign of success, Palmer critiques several criticisms of libertarian philosophy.


The Literature of Liberty

by Tom G. Palmer on Feb 4, 1998

Tom G. Palmer provides a comprehensive overview of the vast literature on libertarianism, free market economics, and the philosophy of liberty.