Don C. Lavoie

Don Lavoie was an adjunct scholar at the School of Public Policy at George Mason University and an economic scholar at Cato. In 1985 he published both Rivalry and Central Planning: The Socialist Calculation Debate Reconsidered (Cambridge) and National Economic Planning: What Is Left? (Cato, Ballinger). His final book, published with Emily Chamlee-Wright, is Culture and Enterprise (Cato, Routledge).

Video Collection

The Failure of Central Planning

featuring Don C. Lavoie on Mar 25, 1982

Don Lavoie uses the economy of the Soviet Union as an example of the failure of Marxian-style communism.


The Decay of Radical Socialism

by Don C. Lavoie on Oct 1, 1977

“Libertarians are the only revolutionaries whose victory…will usher in an age of free men and women living their own lives as they choose.”