Joan Kennedy Taylor

Joan Kennedy Taylor was a journalist, author, and political activist known for her advocacy of individualist feminism and her role in developing the modern American libertarian movement. She passed away in 2005.

Video Collection

Joan Kennedy Taylor on Libertarian Feminism

featuring Joan Kennedy Taylor on Jan 1, 1990

Taylor discusses the importance of association to humanity, arguing that the feminist movement can take advantage of these associations.

Video Collection

Joan Kennedy Taylor: Pornography Versus Censorship

featuring Joan Kennedy Taylor on Sep 21, 1986

In this video from a Free Press Association conference in 1986, Joan Kennedy Taylor debates herself on pornography, obscenity, and censorship

Video Collection

Women in a Free Society

featuring Joan Kennedy Taylor on Jul 18, 1986

Joan Kennedy Taylor reviews the rise of the modern feminist movement and compares the goals of feminism with those of classical liberalism.


Childs, Roy A. (1949-1992)

by Joan Kennedy Taylor on Aug 15, 2008

Childs, a writer and speaker of the libertarian movement in the 1960s and 1970s, also popularized the anarcho-capitalist movement of libertarian thought.

external resource

Excerpts from Persuaded by Reason

by Jeff Riggenbach and Joan Kennedy Taylor on Jul 8, 2015

Excerpts from Chapter 7 of Jeff Riggenbach’s Persuaded by Reason, titled “Libertarianism – Yet More Individualism In Politics.”


Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee

by Sharon Presley on Dec 2, 2015

Drawing on her memories of the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, Presley calls for a renewed commitment to free speech on college campuses.