Justin Logan

Justin Logan is the director of foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute. He is an expert on U.S. grand strategy, international relations theory, and American foreign policy.


Government, War, and Libertarianism

by Justin Logan on May 1, 2008

Logan criticizes libertarian hawks, not only for supporting anti-libertarian policies, but also for promoting strategies which encourage terrorists.

Free Thoughts

When Is It Appropriate to Go to War?

featuring Justin Logan, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Oct 27, 2014

Justin Logan joins us for a conversation about American foreign policy. What’s the libertarian solution for military overspending and overreach?

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Understanding Pakistan (with Sahar Khan)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus on Oct 12, 2018

Sahar Khan explains the history of Pakistan, & its’ relationship with the U.S., from its designation as independent from Great Britain in 1947.

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Close America’s Overseas Bases

featuring John Glaser, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Aug 11, 2017

John Glaser proposes a policy shift that would save money and make the United States safer: closing some or all of America’s 800 overseas military bases.