Leonard P. Liggio

Leonard Liggio was the Executive Vice President of Academics at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, a Distinguished Senior Scholar at the Institute for Humane Studies, and a Research Professor at George Mason University’s School of Law.


Nisbet, “The Twilight of Authority”

by Leonard P. Liggio on Jun 1, 1976

“Nisbet views the anarchists as the major philosophers who successfully answer advocates of centralization of the state and collectivism.”

Video Collection

Leonard Liggio on the Resurgence of Classical Liberalism

featuring Leonard P. Liggio on Jun 26, 1985

Liggio speaks about the reemergence of classical liberalism as a reaction to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and America’s entry into World War II.


Liggio on Dunoyer

by Leonard P. Liggio on Oct 17, 2014

Download Leonard Liggio’s dissertation on Charles Dunoyer.


Editorial (Vol. I, No. III)

by Leonard P. Liggio on Sep 1, 1978

Leonard Liggio described the ideologically-inspired, Romantic life of George Julian.


Editorial: Turgot and the Battle Against Physiocracy

by Leonard P. Liggio on Mar 1, 1979

Jefferson valued Turgot so highly, “that in the honored place of the entrance hall to Monticello he placed a Houdon portrait bust to this Enlightenment hero.”


Editorial: John Stuart Mill

by Leonard P. Liggio on Jun 1, 1979

“Mill keenly appreciated the indispensable and complex role of the intellectuals.”


Tom Paine and the American Revolution

by Leonard P. Liggio on Jul 1, 1977

“Paine spoke for the governed against the government and for the living rather than the dead. At best he saw government as only a small part of society.”


Editorial: David Ricardo

by Leonard P. Liggio on Sep 1, 1979

“Today, a half century of disquieting experience with the volatile monetary system has reawakened interest in the economic principles Ricardo espoused.”