Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie is the editor of Reason.com and Reason.tv and was the editor in chief of Reason magazine from 2000 to 2008.

Free Thoughts

The Rise of the Independents

featuring Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, Trevor Burrus, & Jason Kuznicki on Feb 17, 2014

Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie join Trevor Burrus and Jason Kuznicki for a freewheeling discussion about the modern political scene in America.

Free Thoughts

The Libertarian Moment?

featuring Katherine Mangu-Ward, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Sep 3, 2015

Katherine Mangu-Ward joins us to talk about the “libertarian moment” and the past and future of libertarianism more broadly.


Picking up Demos’s Gauntlet

by Trevor Burrus on Sep 11, 2013

Trevor Burrus offers some advice to those who want to argue against libertarianism.


The Myth of Apolitical Pragmatism

by David S. D’Amato on Jul 15, 2015

The partisans of “reasonable” technocracy often hide their desire to dominate others behind a disdain for “ideology” and “politics.”



The Return of Big Government

by David Boaz on Jan 1, 2009

Boaz refutes the notion that it was libertarian laissez-faire policies that created the problems that have arisen in our society.