Richard Cobden

by Ralph Raico on Jun 1, 1978

Historian Ralph Raico shares selections from the writings of Richard Cobden.



by Richard Cobden in 1850

In this essay, Richard Cobden argues that “that no foreign State has a right by force to interfere with the domestic concerns of another State.”


A Cobden Digest on Free Trade

by Richard Cobden on Nov 5, 2015

In these selections from his speeches and writings, Richard Cobden discusses the benefits of free trade, arguing against tariffs and militarism.


Cobden, Richard (1804-1865)

by John M. Brady on Aug 15, 2008

One of the leaders of the Anti-Corn Law League, Richard Cobden is considered an example of a liberal thinker with considerable success in changing British policy.


Anti-Corn Law League

by Aaron Steelman on Aug 15, 2008

The Anti-Corn Law League was a group that opposed the protectionist British Corn Laws and have been praised as a model for achieving radical libertarian reform.


Free Trade

by Daniel T. Griswold on Aug 15, 2008

Free trade allows for goods and services to move freely across borders. As a free system, it is the best way to distribute resources to those that value them most.


Bright, John (1811-1859)

by Aaron Steelman on Aug 15, 2008

One of the leaders of the Anti-Corn Law League, John Bright was an advocate for small government and non-interventionist foreign policy.


Editorial: John Bright

by Leonard P. Liggio on Dec 1, 1980

“For Bright, the economic arguments could not be separated from the moral arguments.”


Molinari, Gustave de (1819-1912)

by David Hart on Aug 15, 2008

A great 19th century French economist, Gustave de Molinari was outspoken about his opposition of protectionist government policy.


Liberalism, German

by Detmar Doering on Aug 15, 2008

Liberalism in Germany reacted to the conservative and progressive political changes of the time with a strong anti-government stance.



by George H. Smith on Aug 15, 2008

Libertarians celebrate increasing individual liberties as the main fuel for human progress - material, moral, and intellectual.


Freedom From Plunder: Frédéric Bastiat

by Jim Powell on Jul 4, 2000

The French satirist, agitator, writer, and politician Frédéric Bastiat was France’s foremost champion of liberty in the 19th century.