Leggett, William (1801-1839)

by Lawrence H. White on Aug 15, 2008

In his writings, William Leggett attacked government regulation of commerce and the rent-seeking behaviors of business.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 39: The Age of William Leggett Part 1

featuring Anthony Comegna on Jan 30, 2018

William Leggett was the man who created the first identifiably libertarian movement in American history.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 40: The Age of William Leggett Part 2

featuring Anthony Comegna on Feb 6, 2018

William Leggett’s antislavery wasn’t just spontaneous. His editorial career was spent teasing out the finer points of libertarian theory.


Libertarianism, Then and Now

by Anthony Comegna on Oct 3, 2018

On Camilo Gomez’s History and Politics podcast, Anthony discusses rooted libertarian history and the magnitude of our current problems.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 44: Make America Young Again

featuring Anthony Comegna on Mar 6, 2018

The Young Americans were New York’s next generation of artists, intellectuals, and activists; many of whom were inspired by the Loco-Foco movement.


Editorial (Vol. I, No. III)

by Leonard P. Liggio on Sep 1, 1978

Leonard Liggio described the ideologically-inspired, Romantic life of George Julian.


Money and Banking

by Lawrence H. White on Aug 15, 2008

In this entry, Lawrence H. White explains the changing ways in which economists have thought about money and banking, including the debate over deregulation.