Free-Market Economy

by Donald J. Boudreaux on Aug 15, 2008

In free markets, voluntary interaction makes up the economy’s structure, allowing for little to no state regulation and thus mutually beneficial trade.

Video Collection

Free Market Environmentalism?

featuring Robert J. Smith on Sep 18, 1981

Robert J. Smith introduces the idea of free market environmentalism: an approach to environmental conservation that advocates the private ownership of resources.


Free Market Conservation

by Jeff Riggenbach on Feb 1, 1979

“There’s a [market] demand…for the kind of wilderness conservation the government would like us to believe is only possible through public ownership of land.”


Free Trade

by Daniel T. Griswold on Aug 15, 2008

Free trade allows for goods and services to move freely across borders. As a free system, it is the best way to distribute resources to those that value them most.

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The Market: This Time It’s Personal

by Sanford Ikeda on Sep 19, 2013

Markets are impersonal, but the social networks that develop inside markets are personal. Freedom within these networks is a crucial aspect of a free market.

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If You Like Wikipedia, You Should Love Markets

by Gary M. Galles on Sep 23, 2013

Wikipedia is collaborative, diverse and peaceful. In the internet age, it encapsulates the concepts of spontaneous order and free markets.


Market Failure

by Tyler Cowen on Aug 15, 2008

Many libertarians argue that though market failures exist, private solutions still work more effectively than government intervention.


Black Markets

by Paul Dragos Aligica on Aug 15, 2008

The black market refers to those markets involving extra-legal organizations and paths for the trade of goods and services.

Free Thoughts

The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism

featuring William Irwin, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Aug 12, 2016

William Irwin joins us to talk about existentialism and libertarianism. What did thinkers like Sartre and Neitzsche have to say about capitalism and human freedom?