Free Thoughts

The Radio Right (with Paul Matzko)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Paul Matzko on May 22, 2020

Paul Matzko, the host of Building Tomorrow, joins the show to talk about how the government orchestrated one of the largest censorship campaigns in history against right wing radio in the 1960’s, but many people still don’t know about it. 

Portraits of Liberty

Auberon Herbert and Voluntaryism

featuring Paul Meany on May 21, 2020

Auberon’s experience with war, politics, and his introduction to Herbert Spencer showed him there was an alternative to the state.


An Introduction to Locke’s Two Treatises

by Paul Meany on May 20, 2020

Locke wanted to prove that the world is not a mere amalgam of violence and arbitrary authority and that there is something that separates a legitimate from an illegitimate government.

Pop & Locke

Harry Potter

featuring Natalie Dowzicky, Landry Ayres, Lauren Sander, Emma Ashford, & Tricia Beck-Peter on May 20, 2020

Harry Potter is perhaps the most well-known escapist fantasy ever written and adapted to film, but the series is much more than a story about good versus evil. 

Free Thoughts

When Innovation Breaks the Rules (with Adam Thierer)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Paul Matzko, and Adam Thierer on May 15, 2020

Evasive Entrepreneurs, innovators who don’t always conform to social or legal norms, are changing the world and challenging their governments.

Video Collection

Answering Questions about Libertarianism

featuring Trevor Burrus and Aaron Ross Powell on May 12, 2020

Join the hosts of the Free Thoughts podcast as they answer questions about libertarian philosophy and policy.

Free Thoughts

Forgotten Libertarians (with Paul Meany)

featuring Trevor Burrus, Aaron Ross Powell, and Paul Meany on May 8, 2020

The host of Portraits of Liberty, Paul Meany, joins the show to highlight historical thinkers who may not have been strictly libertarian, but argued for a freer world.


Rights in the Time of Coronavirus

by Neera K. Badhwar on May 7, 2020

The global pandemic, and the proper response to it, force us to critically examine the line between the need to respect individual rights and the desire to limit the virus’s spread. 

Portraits of Liberty

Taking the King to Court, John Cooke

featuring Paul Meany on May 7, 2020

Born into poverty in 1609, John Cooke a Puritan lawyer is the first person in history to prosecute a head of state for crimes against humanity.

Pop & Locke


featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Natalie Dowzicky, Julian Sanchez, Landry Ayres, & Eva Galperin on May 6, 2020

Aaron Ross Powell, Julian Sanchez, and Eva Galperin join the show today to hack the planet. 

Free Thoughts

The Covid-19 Economy

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, Ryan Bourne, & Diego Zuluaga on May 1, 2020

Ryan Bourne and Diego Zuluaga come back to the show to talk about how both fiscal and monetary policy are changing drastically to respond to COVID-19. 

Everything Wrong with the Presidents

Everything Wrong with the Hayes Administration

by Gregory Dehler on Apr 27, 2020

Rutherford B. Hayes will forever be remembered as the president who ended Reconstruction. In the process he abandoned the Civil War Republican Party’s commitment to equal rights for the former slaves and doomed them to a century of discrimination and segregation. 

Free Thoughts

Is Homeschooling Dangerous? (with Kevin Currie-Knight)

featuring Trevor Burrus, Aaron Ross Powell, and Kevin Currie-Knight on Apr 24, 2020

Kevin Currie-Knight comes back to the show to discuss different methods of homeschooling and how parents are handling the education of their children during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Portraits of Liberty

Rehabilitating Democracy, George Grote

featuring Paul Meany on Apr 23, 2020

The 19th-century reformer and self-taught classicist George Grote was responsible for the rehabilitation of democracy as a viable and virtuous form of government.