Mar 18, 2017

Anti-Libertarian Ideologies on the March: The Existential Threat to Liberty

Tom Palmer lectures on modern threats to liberalism and individualism, exploring the philosophical roots of these threats and explaining the danger they pose. He touches on the theocratic threat of Islamism and the leftist threat of identity politics, but the bulk of the discussion focuses on the recent re-emergence of the type of nationalist, racist collectivism previously exhibited by fascists in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

Publication date

Sep 7, 2016

Karl Hess: Toward Liberty

An Academy Award-winning documentary about the libertarian intellectual and activist Karl Hess, directed by Peter Ladue and Roland Halle.

Publication date

Jun 18, 2015

Everything Has Its Price (And That’s A Good Thing)

Who decides prices? Manufacturers and stores play a role, of course. As Professor Don Boudreaux explains, though, the biggest decider in determining prices is you, the consumer. Prices reflect the value consumers think the products are worth. Whether it’s the price of a bottle of ketchup or a Hermes Birkin purse, the pricetag is the end result of a “global chain of cooperation.”

This is part of a Fraser Institute project to present the key ideas of F. A. Hayek.

Publication date

Oct 31, 2014

Eric Mack - ‘A Defence of Natural Rights’

In this 2009 lecture, Tulane University Professor of Philosophy Eric Mack, an expert on John Locke and natural rights ethics, offers a justification for property rights.

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