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on Aug 14, 2013

Libertarians and the Confederacy

Libertarians should not support the Confederacy, because the Confederacy was not libertarian. Jason Kuznicki explains in this video.

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on Apr 24, 2013

The Myth of Immigrant Welfare Use

Alex Nowrasteh explains why immigrants to the United States don’t use welfare nearly as much as some think they might.

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on Jan 11, 2013

Immigration as Voluntary Exchange

Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, explains the philosophy behind his position on immigration in about a minute. To put it simply: since, for the most part, immigration involves a series of voluntary exchanges between two consenting parties, the state shouldn’t interfere with it.

Produced by Evan Banks and Aaron Powell.

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on Nov 30, 2012

How many American libertarian voters are there?

David Boaz, the executive vice president of the Cato Institute, explains how various pollsters come to differing conclusions on the percentage of American voters with libertarian-leaning sympathies.

Boaz also shares how he, David Kirby, and Emily Ekins came to the estimation that 15-18% of the population could be described as “libertarian voters” in their new e-book, The Libertarian Vote: Swing Voters, Tea Parties, and the Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal Center, which is available here:

Produced by Evan Banks and Aaron Powell.

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on Nov 16, 2012

Do immigrants undermine American values?

Do immigrants undermine American values? The Cato Institute’s Immigration Policy Analyst, Alex Nowrasteh, explains why he thinks immigration is a necessary part of keeping traditional American values like hard work, entrepreneurship, and an independent spirit alive in the United States.

Produced by Evan Banks and Aaron Powell.

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on Nov 10, 2012

Should All Americans Vote?

Should every person eligible to vote actually cast a ballot on election day? Even if they’re ill-informed about their choices? And even if those choices affect the rest of us?

Jason Brennan is Assistant Professor of Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy at Georgetown University. He is the author of Libertarianism: What Everyone Needs to Know (2012), The Ethics of Voting (2011), and A Brief History of Liberty (2010). Brennan also blogs at Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

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on Nov 9, 2012

Do You Have a Duty to Vote?

Preliminary reports from the 2012 presidential election show that 57.5% of eligible voters in the United States turned out to vote, but what about the 42.5% that stayed home? Should they have voted? Is there a moral obligation to vote?

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on Oct 2, 2012

Where does Frederick Douglass Fit in the Libertarian Tradition?

Nicholas Buccola is the author of The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass (2012). In this video he considers Douglass’s place in and his lasting contribution to the classical liberal movement in America.

A self-taught escaped slave, statesman, and leader of the American abolitionist movement, Douglass is best known for his speeches and autobiographies, in which he stressed the universal equality of all humans.

Produced by Evan Banks.

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