Ethan Garr

Ethan Garr is the Vice President of Product and Marketing at TelTech Systems. Each day Ethan goes to Teltech focused on finding new and innovative ways to drive our business forward. Ethan can be found: evangelizing what they do for press, government, and industry; working on new app ideas and features; building partnerships with other companies, and working to coach growth across our teams. Him and his family are based here in NJ. 

Building Tomorrow

Canning Spam: Getting Rid of Robocalls

featuring Paul Matzko, Aaron Ross Powell, Will Duffield, & Ethan Garr on Jun 20, 2019

Have you been bombarded with robocalls? The average American is getting 22 calls per month and Ethan Garr joins us to discuss how he is trying to mitigate the pestering.