A. James Fuller is a Professor of History at the University of Indianapolis. A past president of the Indiana Association of Historians, he is a scholar of nineteenth‐​century America, especially the Civil War era. Primarily a biographer, Fuller’s writing and teaching focuses on human action and agency and explores the interplay between individuals and the context of their time and place. Among his many publications are six books, including Chaplain to the Confederacy: Basil Manly and Baptist Life in the Old South (2000), America, War, and Power: Defining the State, 1775–2005 (2007), The Election of 1860 Reconsidered (2013), and Oliver P. Morton and the Politics of the Civil War and Reconstruction (2017). His current writing projects include a biography of Richard Yates, the Civil War governor of Illinois; a forthcoming book entitled Morton, Marshall, McNutt, and Mitch: Four Governors Who Shaped Indiana and the Midwest; and Man‐​Devil in the Midwest: Murder and Justice in the 1870s, a study of a Civil‐​War‐​era serial killer.