Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises was a prominent Austrian economist and a prolific writer. His work influenced Benjamin Anderson, Leonard Read, Henry Hazlitt, Israel Kirzner, Hans Sennholz, Ralph Raico, Leonard Liggio, George Reisman, F.A. Hayek and Murray Rothbard, amongst others.


Social Laws, Part 7

featuring George H. Smith on Apr 12, 2017

George H. Smith discusses some controversial features of praxeology, as defended by Ludwig von Mises. 


Social Laws, Part 6

featuring George H. Smith on Apr 5, 2017

George H. Smith explains methodological individualism and its implications for the existence of institutions and other social phenomena.

Free Thoughts

Can Anarchy Work?

featuring Peter T. Leeson, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Mar 31, 2017

Peter T. Leeson joins us this week to discuss rational choice theory as it applies to self-governance. What happens in the absence of government?