SimCity 5: Exploring Charter Cities (and More!)

Paul interviews Ian Adams and Mark Lutter on two very different topics with one connection: the value of planning for the future.

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The theme that connects both of the interviews in today’s episode is the value of planning for the future. That can be as simple as thinking about the ways that driverless cars will affect the car insurance industry, as Ian Adams from TechFreedom discusses. Or it can be as big as Dr. Mark Lutter, Founder of the Center for Innovative Governance Research, advocating for charter cities, a place where the best urban ideas can be implemented from the outset rather than waiting for something to go wrong and having to struggle against regulatory inertia. 

What is the latest regulatory news for driverless cars? What challenges do autonomous vehicles present to the insurance industry? Why is California such an innovative space? Will there be a migration pattern away from California? What is a charter city? What leads to economic growth?

Further Reading:

Creating the Charter Cities Ecosystem, written by Mark Lutter

Techquake: The Biggest Threat to California’s Tech-Sector May Lie Directly Beneath its Feet, written by Ian Adams

California Needs to Hit the Brakes on Minimum Staffing Requirements for Automated Vehicles, written by Ian Adams

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