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Matthew Feeney

Matthew Feeney is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute. Before coming to Cato, Matthew worked at Reason magazine as assistant editor of He has also worked at The American Conservative, the Liberal Democrats, and the Institute of Economic Affairs. Matthew is a dual British/American citizen and received both his B.A and M.A in philosophy from the University of Reading in England.

Free Thoughts

John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, Part 1

featuring John Samples, Matthew Feeney, Aaron Ross Powell, & Trevor Burrus on Jul 29, 2016

This week Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, John Samples, and Matthew Feeney discuss 19th century philosopher John Stuart Mill’s idea of “civil liberty.”

Free Thoughts

How New Technology Is Changing Law Enforcement

featuring Matthew Feeney, Adam Bates, Trevor Burrus, & Aaron Ross Powell on Jul 1, 2016

Matthew Feeney and Adam Bates discuss new technologies that are changing law enforcement. Can we balance police effectiveness and respect for privacy?

Free Thoughts

Teaching School Choice to the American Education System

featuring Jason Bedrick, Aaron Ross Powell, and Matthew Feeney on Jun 3, 2016

Jason Bedrick joins us to talk about school choice in the United States. What’s wrong with our current public schooling model and how will more choice fix it?