Free Thoughts

A weekly show about politics and liberty, featuring conversations with top scholars, philosophers, historians, economists, and public policy experts. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus.

Episode List

Stories from Putin’s Economist

1 hour 16 min – – Featuring: Andrei Illarionov, Trevor Burrus, and Matthew Feeney

Nothing Is Secure

1 hour 3 min – – Featuring: Julian Sanchez, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus

The True Causes of Mass Incarceration

1 hour 5 min – – Featuring: John Pfaff, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell

Why We’re Too Complacent

49 min 9 sec – – Featuring: Tyler Cowen, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell

The War on Sex Work

46 min 29 sec – – Featuring: Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell

Guantanamo Bay Is Still Open

50 min 57 sec – – Featuring: Andrew Turner, Aaron Ross Powell, and Adam Bates